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using ai to boost customer engagement
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Using AI to boost customer engagement

30 November 2022

AI - or artificial intelligence - has quickly made its way to all four corners of the business world. A few years ago, this technology was seen as nothing more than a way to show off. It didn’t really hold any critical value, and there were no genuine benefits to using it. 


Now, AI has become a fundamental piece of business technology. By calling on machine learning and predictive analytics, your company can see a whole host of advantages. Primarily, artificial intelligence is used to boost customer engagement - which can lead to lots of positive outcomes, like improved conversions, a sales boost, and so on. 

The big question is; how does all of this work? In this short guide, we’re going to introduce the idea of AI and customer engagement, so you can see how everything pieces together. 


Predictive Analytics For Personalisation


Artificial intelligence is all about making experiences more personal for customers. In effect, you have software that monitors what people do when they visit your website. You take note of their behaviour, then use this data to predict what they’ll do next. 


As a result, we end up with a situation where each user has a personalised experience on your website. It feels like everything has been set up for them because they’re being directed and introduced to things that they like. 


Consider you’re a customer using an online retail outlet. You browse through various categories, look at products, and maybe even add some to your cart. You might go ahead and buy them, but you could just leave the website. The next time you return, you’ll see products popping up that closely relate to everything you were browsing before. Amazon do this all the time, they have sections on their homepage titled ‘Related to items you’ve viewed’, ‘inspired by your shopping trends’, and ‘more items to consider’. You’re faced with countless products that appeal to you because they’ve used predictive analytics to guess what you’re interested in based on previous data they’ve collected. 


It works like a charm because customers will see things that appeal to them. As a consequence, customer engagement increases because they don’t see irrelevant information. They’re not bombarded with products they don’t care about. If you see loads of things that you like the look of, you’re more likely to continue browsing and spend more time on the site. 


Instant Gratification For Customers


Another key element of AI is the idea of instant gratification. This covers the concept that customers want to be fulfilled without delay. They don’t want to wait around to receive answers to any problems they have. They want to ask, and get the information right there and then. 


If you take a step back and look at the world we live in, it’s hardly surprising that consumer behaviour has come to this. The birth of the internet and social media has meant we’re used to


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Using AI to boost customer engagement
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