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creating a sales funnel on your website landing pages
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Creating A Sales Funnel On Your Website Landing Pages

10 December 2022

Creating A Sales Funnel On Your Website

For those who don’t know what a sales funnel is, the chances are you're not utilizing it to your company’s advantage. Sales funnels are improved by optimizing your website in a better way, therefore creating more profit from the sales made online. Building a successful sales funnel is important, and hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be able to learn more about what it is and how your business can improve it and make it better for your own website.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel in its most basic description is the path a visitor takes on your site, to ultimately lead them into paying for your product or service. And with a sales funnel, it provides a great opportunity to collect information from those who go on your site. It can create leads to which you can follow up and most importantly, helps you to sell. There are many ways that a sales funnel can be improved and when it comes to improving it, Software & Data helps with that. They help to take your clients through the sales funnel and what can be done in order to win over for business. 

Sales funnels start from the top, where your visitor is merely browsing the site. At this point, it’s up to them whether they choose to stay on it. However, what your website does or shows next can influence what they do. Understanding your sales funnel can help you  figure out where there are gaps in it and that is probably where there’s certain customers who are maybe not following through with a sale or not even getting to a point where they’re interested. If you don’t know enough about your sales funnel, then there’s no way of optimizing it to benefit your company. So getting an idea of what your sales funnel is will be a good start because then you can go about improving it. 

Improving Your Sales Funnel

There are plenty of ways that Software & Data can help in improving your sales funnels and here are just a few examples of what they focus on when it comes to that development. 

A minimum cognitive load is important because it’s keeping your sales page to the point, rather than causing confusion or distractions. The layout of your website is important, and that website design can affect the quality of your website. When it comes to designing a website, the layout is what helps potential customers to navigate the site. If you’re providing a simple site that points them clearly in the direction that they need to go, then you’ll find that you win over more customers as a result. SEO is essential for most businesses nowadays to succeed through their website. It’s all about how high you rank on search engines and that influences the visibility your website on the internet. The higher up you go, the more traffic you get, and that will hopefully convert into sales.

Any startup will find it a struggle to balance the needs of their customers and to figure out how to help draw them down the sales funnel of their site. So how can you work a page to help encourage the visitor to do what you want them to do? Maybe a call to action is helpful? A call to action is something that asks a visitor directly to do something. It might be to sign up to a mailing list or a pop-up that asks them to click on a button or link that will then take them to another part of the site that you need them on. These call to actions can be very powerful and a key element to getting that visitor closer to a paying customer.

Collecting data is essential to building an awareness of who your audience is and how to tailor your sales funnel further in order to keep them engaged throughout the process. The last thing you want is for them to click off because there’s nothing of relevance to them on the site. And when this is happening, you may be losing valuable customers. Digital marketing is only successful when you know everything about your target audience and an IT service like Software & Data can provide that data. 

Tracking the data and creating an audience profile is beneficial, so look for anything that can help with your strategies. From their age, the gender that they identify, basic hobbies and interests they may have and even their location. You want to be able to provide your customers with a journey that’s tailored with them in mind. That way, they are more likely to stick with it and continue through to wherever you need them to be. 

Why Choose Software & Data?

Software & Data has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales funnels and can guide you step by step to understand what your current sales funnel looks like and how to make it better. Not only that, but there’s plenty of website development that Software & Data can help with. It’s an interface of designers, marketers and development specialists who are all committed to getting the very best out of your company’s digital presence. It’s important that everything on your website is performing well and that includes your sales funnel. From collecting an email, engaging with your customers and building value. Making money from your sales funnel is crucial, so this can be helped by showing you how to find new ways of collecting that money and up-selling to generate more profit.

Your sales funnel exists on the site where you’re aware of it or not, so it’s good to firstly understand your sales funnel and how to make it better. Build on your audience knowledge and work with a company such as Software & Data who can help guide you a little easier through the process. As you improve the sales funnel, this should hopefully convert into more sales and success for your company as a whole, so give it a go.

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Creating A Sales Funnel On Your Website Landing Pages
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