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better seo strategies for your business
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Better SEO Strategies for Your Business

01 December 2022

Whether you’ve had a company website for several years or you’re about to take the first steps into the world of digital marketing, you’ll have almost certainly encountered the term SEO at some stage. In truth, it could be the most important weapon in your arsenal.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a key component of the web design process. It is essentially a term that describes a collection of processes that determine your presence on Google or other search engines. So why do you need this and how can it be achieved? Here’s all you need to know.


SEO all you need to know

Why Your Business Needs a Strong SEO Strategy

Let’s not beat around the bush; quality SEO is the backbone of any successful digital marketing strategy. Here are a few statistics that prove its worth;

* SEO generates 3x as much traffic as social media channels. (1)

* 93% of online browsing sessions begin with a Google search. (2)

* Over 3/4s of all users will click a link from the first page of results. (3)

* Over 5.5 billion Google searches are completed each day. (4)

* SEO can bring, on average, a 14.6% increase in conversions. (5)

To truly understand the impact of SEO, just take a second to think about your habits as an online consumers. How many times do you search for a product or service via Google, Bing, or your favourite search engine? And how often do you associate the top results with reliability and being trustworthy? Exactly.

A strong SEO strategy can completely transform your approach to digital marketing and is one area where even a new SMB has the potential to compete with far bigger companies. This can lead to increased traffic, improved customer reactions, and greater conversion rates. If you think that your business can afford to overlook those benefits, you’re wrong.


How To Implement Improved SEO Strategies

Appreciating the need for SEO is one thing, but actually incorporating the ideas needed to thrive in the competitive online marketplace is another altogether. Follow these five simple steps, and you won’t go far wrong.


Decide Between Local & Organic

When consumers run a Google search for products, they will be looking for one of two things;

A product or service that can be accessed immediately or delivered to their door,

More information on local businesses that provide what they’re looking for.

Therefore, one of the first things you must decide is whether to target the keywords (the terms that people type into the search bar) related to the product or the local area. This decision will be decided by whether your business is geared towards the local audience or whether you’re trying to reach a global demographic. 

Either way, SEO can work wonders, but only when you boast clear objectives.


Appreciate Consumer Habits

The online arena evolves at a rapid rate, not least in terms with how people access online data. As well as the continued shift towards mobile searches, there is a growing trend towards voice searches while the ‘near me’ searches have grown too.

Google updates its algorithms around 600 times per year in a bid to provide its users with the best browsing experiences. Therefore, your approach to SEO should be an ongoing commitment. Resting on your laurels after getting your site onto the elusive first page of results will see you lose that status almost immediately.


Master On-Site SEO

As far as the tools and techniques of SEO are concerned, on-site SEO should be your first point of focus. A web design that incorporates good SEO strategies is essential. There are many factors to consider, including;


* NAP data (your business contact details),

* Page loading times,

* Responsive design on mobile and desktop,

* The use of keywords (text that tells Google what your business does),

* Outbound links to relevant and authoritative sources,

* Image optimisation.


Over 200 metrics are used in total, which is why prioritisation is key. Get it right, and success is assured.


Master Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is another key concept that can seriously boost your presence as they are often viewed by Google as further verification of what your business is about and what it can achieve. Some of the key elements include;


* Use backlinks,

* Utilise the Google My Business listing,

* Join relevant business directories, 

* Embrace social media,

* Experiment with content on other platforms,

* Build mutually beneficial relationships.


It’s hard work, but the rewards that the extra effort can bring are truly incredible.


Consider Expert Help

Given that big company shave designated teams to boost their SEO, you’ll need to give it serious consideration too. Sadly, even if you develop the skills needed to thrive, the time it’ll take can distract you from actually running the business in style. As such, you may want to consider using a professional service.

Let the experts get you on the front page of Google, and you can focus on enjoying the rewards.








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